The NFT scene is changing every day. Collectors from both the crypto world and the art world are discovering more ways to enjoy their hobby — either for pure enjoyment or investment as well.

It’s important that fans create collections that reflect who they are what they are passionate about. That’s part of what EverScapes has been offering. It’s not just the NFTs that we’re creating, but how people can use them to build amazing collections and get them out to the world.

At the heart of what we do starts with the world’s best artists across Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror through fully authorized and licensed NFTs. These are the greats that have defined genres and inspired countless others to go on their own journey of creativity as well. These are some of the names that have revolutionized and pushed the boundaries of amazing mind-bending genres: Frank Frazetta (via Frazetta Girls), Juan Gimenez, Sanjulian, Ciruelo, Greg Hildebrandt, Anna Podedworna (@Akreon), and more.

As part of our drive to connect artists and creators with the community, we will be frequently hosting special AMAs inside our Discord and other special events

Vencido & Taarna

100% Officially Licenced EverScapes NFTs

To honor the works of these masters requires creating a very special NFT. At EverScapes studios we have some very talented animators, sound artists and producers, and together we bring each work to life through a process that is very much a collaboration between the artist or their estates.

The result is a beautifully crafted NFT that not only retains the original vision on one side but also allows you to view the brand-new exploration. It’s this cutting-edge technology that gives you the opportunity to own both the original and animated pieces in the one NFT.

Future World

Released in themed drops, randomized NFT packs, and more, we’re dedicated to helping people collect what they love, in fun and new ways, along with making sure there’s more to do as our ecosystem grows and evolves.

The Rise

Interactive EverScapes Virtual Galleries

Your NFTs should not be just sitting in a wallet. Sure, you can look at them at any time, but how about really expressing yourself and your collection in a very different way. The amazing Virtual Galleries on EverScapes take you into a virtual world across Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror so you can curate a space with your collection, save it and then refine it over time.

As your collection grows, you can add pieces, swap them out and add custom frames. With sharing and curate to earn coming soon, this is the perfect way to show the world just what collector you are. People will be able to access your shareable link and jump into your gallery space — this will help them discover the masters of EverScapes and get them creating their own gallery too.

Big Rewards and so much more for you.

prototype of the new dashboard, subject to change

Coming soon to EverScapes are even more experiences that make collecting not only more fun, but more rewarding as well. Soon you will be able to collect-to-earn, Curate-to-earn, and even play-to-earn. These are the new additions coming to our platform that will ensure that collectors, art lovers, and gamers are finding more ways to connect with what they love.

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Collect Licensed Digital Content from the Masters of Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Horror

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Collect Licensed Digital Content from the Masters of Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Horror

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